What Causes Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a disease whereby the spinal cord and brain are affected.  Although there is no cure for this disease, but treatment can relieve patients suffering from severe bouts and also delay the progression of the disease for some patients. In order to treat patients better, it is important that causes of the disease be better understood. To set the record straight, you should know that there is no absolute cause of the disease. It is an autoimmune disease, which means that for reasons not known, the immune system of the body attacks itself. This is why it happens to some and not everyone. Research also shows that genetics of a person and the environment they live in can be held responsible for the disease, but nothing can be declared for sure.

Factors that can risk you

Although nothing is certain as far as the cause of Multiple Sclerosis is concerned, but certain factors that can risk you in developing the disease are as follows: the first and foremost is the age. There is no specific age for Multiple Sclerosis, but most patients who contract the disease are between ages sixteen to fifty-five. The second factor to look for is the sex; it is more likely to be contracted by women than men according to statistics. The third factor is of the family history, people who have family members such as parents or siblings suffering from Multiple Sclerosis have a higher chance.

Researchers have also stated that certain infections in the body caused by viruses by Epstein- Barr can affect the immune system of the body resulting in Multiple Sclerosis. Other risk factors include: climate, it has been noted that people living in temperate climate such as Canada, USA are more likely to develop Multiple Sclerosis. Also those who have low level of Vitamin D are at a greater risk of contracting Multiple Sclerosis. People who are suffering from any autoimmune diseases such as thyroid and type one diabetes are at a greater risk of suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

What to do when cases complicate    

Multiple Sclerosis is one of the diseases that impacts the entire way of life for most patients, but things can worsen if the cases complicate. This can happen in numerous ways, some of which are: stiffening of the muscles, paralysis, usually in the legs, epilepsy, functioning of the bowl, bladder and sex organ is affected, patients also undergo depression and experience mood swings.  In situations like this, to have support of your family, friends, loved ones and an entire community that cares for you and understands you is what one requires. And MS in Australia are the ones to contact if you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. They are here to provide you regarding any and all kind of information about the disease, they will advise you in terms of treatment and will support in whichever way they can.