Tips To Host An Anniversary Party


Anniversaries are important for every couple and these events will bring lovely memories of the day they became husband and wife. Most of the couples limit the celebrations to their families but special anniversaries such as ten years, twenty-five years and etc. are mostly celebrated in comparatively bigger scales.

Guest List

Prepare a list of guests that you would like to invite to your party. This will help you in deciding the venue, food and drinks needed for them. And, this way you will not miss inviting people since this is more organized than randomly writing invitations.

The venue

Mostly these parties don’t need a big hall. So, consult a few places and get to know their rates for respective halls. You can also visit them and see which one would be the most suitable out of them. It is better to start hunting for function venues at least a month before the event since these places tend to be booked by others as well. And if you are too late you might not be able to book the best place even if you like it.


The cost should be estimated before anything. You can start by listing down the initial expenses from your side before consulting an event planner. If the cost is too much you can go through the list of guests and make alterations and find small function venues accordingly. 


Pick a theme that is appropriate and communicate it to the event planner. There are traditional themes for each anniversary and if you want you can even pick one out of those. For an instance, silver can be used for the twenty fifth anniversary. This will help you in getting your decorations done properly.

Food and entertainment

Decide on what to offer the guests such as a small snack or drinks and on a playlist of desired music to be played. Also, you can have a custom-made cake which you can cut during the event. Speak to the hotel or the venue administration and get information about food and decide food and dessert items that you would want to have in your menu for the event.

Apart from the above, you can offer keepsakes for the guests and if you like to you can mention a dress-code in the invitation. It is also important that you hire a professional photographer since you and your family will be too busy having fun. Planning things ahead will help you host a stress-free anniversary celebration which you can enjoy with you loved ones.