Pros And Cons Of New Colour Bond Roofs


Can you name a one such thing that has all of the pros and no disadvantage or shortcoming to it? Well! It is not possible because everything comes with its pros and cons. However; it is the percentage of the plus points and the shortcomings that makes a thing worth it or a waste. This logic is applicable for everything and every object that we see. Let us take an example of the roofing materials. There are many different types of materials that are used to build roofs. These types might vary from steel roofing to shingle roofing and from bitumen roofing to cladding. Among all these and many other such types; some of them are preferred over others. Why? Because people look into the plus points and the shortcomings of the roofing materials and whichever roofing material seems to be best so they invest their money in that particular material. One of the latest introductions of roofing material is known as colour bond roofing material. In this article; we will be discussing about the pros and cons of new colour bond roofs.

Pros and cons of new colour bond roofs:

Let us first understand what actually colour bond roofs are before directly discussing about the pros and cons of these roofs. Colour bond roofs are basically the kind of roofs that are made with the steel structure. This steel structure is then coated with the layer of zinc and aluminium. So; this means that colour bond roof constitutes the qualities of all three types of metal and alloys which are steel, zinc and aluminium. One of the biggest advantages of installing new colour bond roofs is that whenever the rain or any other such natural storm occurs, this roof does not make as much as of a noise as other types of roofs. These latest versions of roofs are available in variety of colours so bye to the old boring colours. In addition to that; they are light in weight so installing them is quite easy. Moreover; they can be bought in cheaper price but still they are more durable than many other roofing materials.

Replace metal roof:

There are times when our existing roof gets rusted or starts leaking due to their over usage or any damage in general. In addition to that; the biggest setback of installing metal roofs is that they often get dented when hail or heavy snowfall falls on it. In such cases; this metal roof can be replaced with other types of roofs.


Roofs are one such structure in every constructional project that completes the whole structure. There are different types of roofs. One such type is known as colour bond roof which is current favourite of people. You can buy the best quality of new colour bond roofs as well as can get you metal roofs replaced by contacting “Hooky’s roofing”.For more information visit our website