Popular Candy Shops Around The Globe

There is a popular saying that goes “when chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is” similarly who cares where it’s from as long as the chocolate is for heart’s desire. Well take the latter back, as this article is all about where the candy is from. Many people have taken the sale of candy to another level with over the top marketing and store set ups. There are more than a few candy stores who has leveled up their game in selling various candy items for the sweet toothed customers. Young and old alike are great fans and loyal customers for many years. These divers’ concept stores around the globe are also tourist attractions that keep coming back for more. Of all the various eye catching candy stores around the world, here are few most popular stores streamlined for you to pay a visit.

Location: Barcelona – The Happy Pill StoreThis is quite the unconventional way of selling candy compared to any average confectionery warehouse Gold Coast. However the name of the store signifies the concept. This store is set up just as any pharmacy would look like and what’s more interesting is that the candy are named and packeted just as any pill canister would look like with labels. There are candy pill remedies for lovesick, man flu, PMS and even pills for after sex. Wonder how that pill tastes like.  

Location: London – The Sugar SinThe specialty of this candy store is that the interior is as picturesque and amazing just as the candy that’s available for sale. Unlike any ordinary local confectionary warehouse the Sugar Sin specializes for selling rare and Scandinavian sweets. Apart from that, they also sell vegan and gluten free candy for those who wish to purchase and dainty handmade lollipops and jellies that are so adorable you would want it to be displayed in your vanity.

Location: Paris – À la Mère de FamilleThis store is one of the most ancient candy stores in existence and has been operating since the year 1761. This store has seen, tasted and sold more candy than any other venue you could think off. This store sells all kinds of candy from the traditional to modern to luxury candy that enriched with fruits and cherry. The packaging of the sold candy are so chic that are often kept as keepsake memorabilia. The chocolate bars are wrapped with satin bows and decorative vintage paper for that added personal touch of class and elegance.