All About Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags are sometimes called the teardrop feathers as well in some regions of the world because of the reason that these are shaped just like the teardrop. These are used for the marketing purposes and the sublimation techniques are used for printing on these. These are used along with the fibreglass and aluminium. These are placed on the stand which could be bent to help the flag stand even against the winds. These are just another kind of the banners which could be used for marketing as well and provide almost the same features as the other banners.

Used for branding:

As mentioned earlier, the teardrop flags are also known as the teardrop banners and these could be used to market any kind of the products. The effectiveness of these is also dependent on the design and how the designers have considered all the key components to make the design stand and to grab the audience attention.


Just like nice pull up banners, these are light and only require the stand to set up. Therefore, these could also be easily moved from one place to another. The reason why many companies prefer to use these is due to the ease of the mobility over the billboards which are fixed in their place. 

Use it anywhere:

The teardrop banners Melbourne do not take much of the space and usually the printing on these are waterproof as well which means that these could be used both inside and outside. You can put in your store or you could put it outside just at the entry point so that the people could see when coming to the office.

Multiple options in the teardrop flags:

The teardrop banners could be printed on the both side and the single side as well. If you are worried that the print on the one side will have the shade on the other side then this is not the case but the teardrops of double sided are designed in such a way that there is a sheet between both sides which prevents the revealing of the sides. This idea ensures that you could space on both sides of the banner and could use it to deliver even two distinct ideas and

There are number of companies who manufacture these in a very short period of time. These could be manufactured in 48 hours and could be delivered at your doorstep. These are good quality and reasonable prices and are very easy to assemble. These usually come with the bags which could be used to store these and carry these around easily.