How To Set A Room For An Emergency Medical Aid?

Emergency means unexpected happenings. It is not pre-planned and you are not at all ready for it to handle. There is one place that is always ready to tackle such situations. Hospitals are the place where immediate staff is available all the time so that they can examine and entertain any patient who need emergency services. There is always an independent department for treating emergency patients in all the hospitals. There are several reasons to have one emergency department in the hospital, in this department, all services readily available and doctors can treat the patient on the spot.

An Emergency Room in Hospital:

There are some things that considered to be important when it comes to setting an emergency room.

  • Stretcher:

First of all, hospitals need a stretcher. It is used to carry the patients. It has wheels on the bottom, the wheels make it easy to drag faster and take into the emergency. In a meanwhile, a patient is lying on the stretcher. It is kind of a bed that has wheels on the bottom. It is extremely important, as in emergency patients are not in condition to walk on their own. Stretcher is also used to carry the patient from his place to the ambulance.

  • Wheelchair:

It is also as important as a stretcher. When patient comes out from the ambulance, if sometimes stretcher bed is not available and patient need immediate services then wheel chair can also be used as it is also keep patient in relax position.

  • 3 Selection Couch:

It is the need of all the hospital room, it is not only used in emergency department but also in the hospital rooms. The 3-selection couch has three different options available in it. If we drop down the first slot of the couch then it becomes a semi-bed. It means that a patient is semi-lying on it and leg can be hanged on the floor. If we close the 2 slots of the couch then it becomes a relaxing chair. When all the three slots are wide open then it works as a bed. There is also an option of elevating the bed and lower down the level from the floor.

  • Other Things:
  1. Thermometer: It should be available to check the fever or body temperature.
  2. Bp Machine: Digital bp machine is present to monitor the flow of blood.
  • Medical Gloves: People could come with different viruses, so plenty of gloves should be available.
  1. Hanging Stand: It is used to hang the drips and other medicines.

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